The Shadow of Pain

I was lying, thinking, sobbing
Last night
With a thought hammering my mind
I was sweating like a pig with loose veins
My blood became blue, thick like a glue
Heart was aching, quivering, shivering
Eyes were moisten
With thirst thrashing my stomach
My ventricles lay in silence
I came up with one thing
That nobody,
But nobody Can make my pain thinner
Which has turned me into a insomniac

I could decipher the cause of my pain
It is my logic that is misunderstood,
I’ve toΒ  do things for my own good
I opened my eyes, swept my tears
For my future,
I’ve to be prepare

It was
Last night when
I was lying, thinking, sobbing

8 thoughts on “The Shadow of Pain

  1. very nice poem Anurag. why were you depressed last night? what’s ailing you? always be optimistic. Though the poem is good indeed ! ” I opened my eyes, swept my tears
    For my future,” it is clear from the above lines that you god rid of the depressing feeling the very next moment these thoughts came to your mind. Human Heart is a ocean of feelings and we all try to come out of sad thoughts and feelings , which engulf our heart and soul at times.

  2. hmm… Mr. Anurag! πŸ™‚ You r successful in ur attempt because when I was reading ur poetry , state of my mind was changing… But I m not very admirer of such poetries creating mud-type feelings in heart as well as mind. poetry should be always beautiful although it can be of merriment or depression…. Plz don’t mind ….as m very frank to share my opinion ..u r not bound to be agree with πŸ™‚ may be m wrong but its my way….anyways i wish a beautiful poetry from u soon… ATB!

    • You can hate it or love it but you can’t ignore these kind of poetry….and yeah I am really going to write a beautiful poem..and one thing is time when I’ll meet you..I’ll fall flat on you feet for your “valuable and frank” comment.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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