I think therefore I am. My imagination has taken me places. The world that I have created in my head has nothing but exuberance. It’s pure perfection. I know that you will love to be a part of it. I am a man who believes in his dreams more than the realities that he succumbs to all the time. The constant badgering of the outside world has given me a tough soul and a very receptive yet stable mind. Trivial worldly doldrums don’t derail me. I built strong ethics and desires for myself.It took me away from the real world to the reel world where imperfections did not exist. I was very happy in this imaginary world and wanted to make this my life and Gateway to Bollywood seemed like the perfect way to turn my dream into a reality. I don’t want to talk about the kind of cinema for it is a crime to break this world into genres. Passion would be a wrong word to portray what I feel for the celluloid world, maybe its madness, pure insanity but its mine.

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